Restaurant Tchaikovsky

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Restaurant Tchaikovsky

Restaurant Tchaikovsky is an elegant gourmet restaurant combining traditional and contemporary, historical and modern, lively and cozy. With its big name, embraced by fine live piano tunes, classy and charming atmosphere, the restaurant represents long tradition of Hotel Moskva. Back in the days, first gala events and balls were held right here, hosted by eminent Belgrade citizens, followed by live orchestra, a lot od wine and lavish bites. We are committed to keeping the old charm alive.Service striving for excellence, kitchen executive’s creativity, wine cellar to meet even the most informed dinners and wine lovers will show case the finest dining experience in Belgrade. Restaurant’s seating capacity is 128 seats indoors and 72 outdoors.

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A word from executive Chef

Food takes on a different meaning when you truly connect with it and the people who grow it. Local groceries bought fresh at the farmer’s markets, proven quality, traditional recipes, eye for details are just some of the ways we express our care for each and every guest. We invite you to step into the creative gastronomic world and discover why the combination of traditional and contemporary is a perfect recipe for success. Incorporating international experience with old Serbian recipes and ingredients from different regions of the country resulted in eclectic menu that proudly bears the years our hotel witnessed. Let your senses be astonished, enjoy your meal.

A word from executive Chef

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