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Restaurant Tchaikovsky

Belgrade, good morning!

Hotel Moskva still stands out from the Belgrade landscape, woven into its history, on the corner of Terazije and Balkanska Streets. Inside its utter coziness, you will find the Tchaikovsky Restaurant, formerly known as "Kafana Moskva", a place full of colorful stories, footsteps of famous people and their artwork, a place where persistent and dignifying Belgrade rises, over and over again.

The sounds of classical music from the concert piano, where the works of the famous composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky are still preserved today, harmonized with the urban vibrations of Belgrade, represent a reflection of our menu. Here, geographical origin is tasted and elegance is served. 

The dishes of our chef Đorđe Klipić are the most melodic compositions of Serbian cuisine combined with elements of curiosity and passion, in constant search for innovations.

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A word from executive Chef


“A good chef becomes the one who doesn't break at the very beginning of his journey, when it's the hardest. The one who starts from the very bottom, paving  his way. That's the only way to learn the core of this job. That, and with lot of passion and crazy love."

Đorđe Klipić, Executive Chef, Hotel Moskva 

Grains of courage and love for tradition are what make our menu special, while its backbone consists of carefully selected local foods from all over Serbia. With an innovative and modern interpretation of well-known dishes, we promise you an indigenous gastronomic experience.

A word from executive Chef

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