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Café and Pastry Shop

Moskva cafe and pastry shop being one of the oldest and best known in this part of the world, is a meeting point of Belgrade peope of all ages. Its pleasent atmosphere, old charm and highest hospitality standards are a perfect city escape from the crowd and fast-paced lifestyle. Grab a cup of italian or traditional coffee, sweeten your day with one of a kind piece of cake, have a brief business meeting, a snack, enjoy peoplewatching while drinking signature „When in Moskva...“ cocktail, and simply let live piano tunes put a smile on your face and take you back to 1900’s.

Contact: +381 69 8420 436 | 

Moskva Snit

Moscow Shnit is a recognizable and protected brand of the hotel Moscow pastry shop, established over 40 years ago. When in 1974 Moscow café was opened, inspired by a new concept and new ideas, Moscow Snit cake was just one of many recipes created that year, but it was this cake that became World famous within just months. Since then Moscow Shnit cake is served to around 300 people daily , and the hotel's pastry shop delivers around 1.000 whole Moscow Shnit cakes to various addresses. Summing all those amounts up Moscow pastry shop makes 20 tons of Moscow Shnit cake a year. Can you believe that all those cakes are hand-made with the pure love and passion for hospitality?

Moscow Shnit is a refreshing fruit cake. The main ingredients are almonds, cherries, pineapple and finest, top-secret homemade cream.

Because of its uniqueness Moscow Shnit cake is served all around the globe.

You could taste it in London, Vienna, Budapest, Geneva, Rome and Chicago, but still it is best enjoyed alongside live piano tunes and hotel Moscow’s homemade, limited edition glass of wine at the birthplace of the Royalty of Cakes – Hotel Moscow itself.

Moskva Snit

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